Philipp Selva Home Furniture
by Danovel

To inspire those with a pronounced aesthetic sense of that which is special – this demand is reflected by all eight collections of the premium brand Philipp Selva Home, which was created by SELVA in 2009.

It bears the name of the company president who, as its creative head, has been successful in conveying his feel for trends and
values into international design. Philipp Selva strives for perfect design. His passion is Arabian horses, which for him are the symbol of the perfection of creation. They spur him on to greater achievements, which is why he selected the stylized head of a horse as the logo for this brand.



Elegant and yet playful, classic and yet innovative, noble and yet filled with youthful
charm: this collection shatters boundaries, it is the exciting interplay that provides the
particular allure of these classic designer pieces. Its finishes are applied according to
the old tradition in an elaborate hand process with gold-coloured and silver-coloured
metal foils. Structure and patina turn out differently from piece to piece, and for
that reason, every one is unique. With some of them, the exclusivity of the finish is
increased by an additional patina that is applied by hand.




Artistic appliqués ennoble the high-carat gems of the Solitaire line. Inlays with Strass
Swarovski crystals, mother of pearl, and amber that are incorporated into elegantly
chromed settings, or else the mahogany-obsidian imbue the deliberately simple
furniture that has been veneered in cherry with its timeless, noble character. Of
particular note are the “Lui” and “Lei” (his and hers) wardrobes, with back walls
that are optionally available in either red or light blue. The drawer interiors are also
designed with the matching fabric, and their interior organization also discloses a
great sense of detail. As desired it can be customized for either neckties or for jewelry
and handbags.




Elegance without compromise: with its harmonious use of forms and special details,
this furniture collection embodies a sense of nobility. Typical of the postmodern style
are the elaborately worked finishes. The faces, which are bordered by a classic frieze
around the frame, make use of extraordinary materials. Added to that are doors with
a leather inset in a crocodile look, with sandblasted ornaments in the lacquered glass,
or with silver-coloured or gold-coloured antiqued panels. And the cherry veneer,
some of which runs diagonally, emphasizes the traditional craftsmanship, while pushand-
pull fittings, sliding doors, or glass mosaics underscore the modern character.




Vogue is en vogue: the source of inspiration for the furniture of the collection by
that name, which was created in collaboration with designer Peter Kern, was the
legendary 1920s and 1930s. This furniture honors the period of the emergence
of the modern age, and it is stylistically oriented toward Art Deco and Bauhaus.
Not trendy, but rather elegant and continuously valid. Unique pieces with a look
emphasizing the materials and a gentle feel. They unite the tradition of handicraft
with the contemporary use of forms. Just as exclusive as the makassar look are the
decorative fittings in glossy chrome and the black lacquered glass panels, which
are intended as both an accent and protection for the delicate finishes – the haute
couture of the art of furniture making.




Opus 40
Mature and full of natural flair: oak is the dominant wood for the Opus 40 collection
from the pen of architect Lorenzo Bellini, who has elegantly succeeded in the
challenge, which will become more and more important in the future, of combining
ecology, sustainability, and chic. The finishes are prepared with traditional Italian
craftsmanship. The brushing lends the oak an aesthetic that is possessed only by
natural materials. Paired with this are decorative fittings with antiqued silver finishes.
The furniture proves itself not only through the quality and longevity to which Selva
customers have become accustomed, but also through the emphasis on its young,
modern design.




Style elements from the early nineteenth century that have been reinterpreted
characterize the use of forms in this collection consisting of individual pieces. Gilded
or antique silver-finished decorative fittings, optionally available either in the modern
or classic version, underscore the exclusivity, as does the use of cherry. Some of the
panels are also embellished with decorative strips made of Bahia rosewood. At the
same time, the drawers are the finest examples of craftsmanship and perfection down
to the last detail. Both curved faces or straight faces with the traditional dovetail
joints are available. Ten variations of finishes may be chosen from as Opera soloists
that combine into a harmonious ensemble.




Heritage J.S.
Styles encounter one another, styles inspire each other, and they blend together into
new forms. This collection bears the initials of company founder Joseph Selva, and
his idea to give classic forms a modern touch has been realized by designer Lorenzo
Bellini. Whether it is columns, drawers in a wave form, changing directions of veneer,
or unmistakable decorative fittings – it is the extraordinary details that make the
furniture so special. Ten variations of finishes as well as the possibility of two tone
leave enormous room for individuality.




This is an ensemble composed of individual pieces which is an invitation to the
Transitional. Because it is so multifaceted, it turns the home into a melting pot
of different cultures. Downtown is the name of this collection that was designed
together with the architect Lorenzo Bellini, because just like the heart of a city, it
combines different influences with an unmistakable flair. Furniture with its finger on
the pulse of the times, which clearly shows how fluid the transition is from period
furniture to modern furniture. The interplay of contrasts creates new harmonies.
Whether it is a clear use of forms with gentle design implications of the 1930s and
1940s or the different types of wood: everything is combined creatively. It is precisely
this mixture that guarantees the uniqueness.


100% Italian Furniture

Coming soon in our showrooms in Mid October