Glitz on a Hill
Dec/Jan 2009 | By Affluent Media
The glitz and glam of Singapore's elite sauntered in, to Affluent's latest house warming party featuring Danovel's handcrafted custom made sofas & furnishings at Cluny Park.... More >>
Home is where the heart is
Oct/Nov 2009 | By Affluent Media
Homegrown luxury furniture retailer Danovel incorporates both handcrafted quality with modern techology and contempory style.. More >>
Treehouse.. safe as houses
December 2009 | By Deborah Goldman

This small store is chock full of Treehouse furniture, which has become hugely popular with parents around the world. Designed with safety in mind, it features non-toxic paint and soft, curved edges to prevent any nasty bumps and bruises..... More >>

One of the family
September 2009 | By Verne Maree
You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your sofa, says Verne Maree as she talks to Singapore-based sofa company, Danovel, The Handcrafted Sofa. The company offers a range of frames, upholstery and other surfaces.... More >>
A Successful Brand in the Furniture Industry.. Danovel
September 2009 | By StrategiCom Pte Ltd
The global furniture industry has experienced tremendous growth in both size and complexity in the past decade, driven by the rising affluence and changing tastes of the developing and developed world.... More >>
Easy Living.... Creating Modern Contemporary
September 2009 | By By Expat Living Publications

Designer tips for creating contemporary living rooms with warmth and personality. Modern decor is usually acheived with plain fabrics in neutral tones, but simplicity doesn't have to be stark and boring, say the designers at Danovel.... More >>