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Andrew Martin, "the UK's most successful and fast-growing interior design company", as described by the British press, was founded in 1978 and almost at once achieved a tremendous success and got the international reputation in the sphere of interior design.

Interiors in the manner of Andrew Martin came into fashion in Great Britain after such cult British films about James Bond as A View to Kill, starring Roger Moore as the agent 007, and The Living Daylights with Timothy Dalton. Martin Waller, the founder and permanent creative director of Andrew Martin company, was invited to take part in the filming to create magnificent interiors in the best traditions of the English aristocratic house, and at the end of the film-making process was noted by critics as the author of the best interiors in cinematography.

Today Andrew Martin specializes on manufacturing furniture, textiles and accessories, embodying the boundless imagination of their creator and going beyond the limits of one particular style. In his ability to mix various styles and to combine within one single space furniture of different epochs and objects of different cultures, Martin Waller is second to none. He is the person who is given credit for the great popularity of fusion style in modern interior design. Martin Waller, whose creative credo is "combining cultural traditions of different nations of the world", is known for his passion for travelling to exotic countries. Getting inspiration from cultures and life in the remote corners of the world for creating his collections, Martin Waller brings unique African, Chinese, Indian, Thai objects of arts and crafts from his travels. Artefacts from his private collections which have become an integral part of Andrew Martin style are the important element of the company's success.

Martin Waller is also responsible for the annual award that recognizes achievements within the interior design industry: The Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award judged by a distinguished panel, including editors of the magazines Vogue, House&Garden, outstanding photographers, actors, designers and fashion designers, writers and TV stars.