International Markets / Export


Made in Singapore... made for the world.

Danovel Sofas are not just well liked in Singapore, we have exported our locally made handcrafted sofas to all over the world, such as United Kingdom, USA, Canada, India, and also to neighbouring countries such as Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

Danovel also produce OEM furnitures on behalf of certain companies as our craftsmanship and production quality is compareable to furniture made elsewhere.

Be assured when you entrust us with your sofa design or concept. We take each sofa we create with pride to make sure it is to your satisfication and liking.

Danovel sofa lasts for years. Top notch quality materials are used on the inside such as good quality klin dried hardwood, clean certifed down feathers and FR foam is the reason to long lasting comfort.

Danovel imports designer fabrics from Europe/USA etc, manufacture and dress the sofa locally in our small island and eventually send them back to customers that demands our Danovel Handcrafted Fabric Sofas.


Feel free to contact us for any export or OEM enquires: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.