Mask 4 SG

Project: Mask 4 SG

Our mission is to prevent aerosol transmission to limit the spread of droplets when one sneezes or coughs.

Danovel, our Singapore home grown custom upholstered furniture company is doing its part to respond to the call of the government:

Coronavirus: Singapore looking for new sources of masks, looking at manufacturing them locally

Our masks may not be the surgical grade masks but it is a layer of added protection for the everyday use. When everyone wears a masks it becomes a double barrier of protection. At minimum, It helps to prevent aerosol transmission to limit the spread of droplets when one sneezes or coughs.

Danovel Furniture Company Making Mask

Danovel workers manually cutting masks for nonprofit causes.

Danovel Furniture Company Making Mask

Assorted mask up-cycled from our excess designer fabrics.

Resuable Mask

3 Ply cotton mask with elastic loops can be a fashion statement

Resuable Mask

Part of the Danovel work force making masks. Each mask have to go through 7 stations/steps before its compete

Our fabric supplier Fabricut is also stepped up to contribute in this fight against Covid-19 by making masks in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA too: Fox News

Danovel Contributes to Migrant Worker Centre

Over there in Taiwan, a Taiwanese doctor recommends DIY Air Masks .

Click here to see the brands of fabrics we use to make our masks. They are all quality designer fabrics.

Our local made preventive masks are for non-profit purpose and will be distributed to benefit the needy people in our society especially our migrant workers.

A surgical mask is definitely a first option but let us save it for the medical personnels who are at risk as they may be in direct contact with the virus everyday.

Remember to wear a mask when you go out. Be socially responsible.

For individuals you may want to check out Carousell to purchase our masks. Click the links below to check out:

Carousell individual mask

Carousell individual mask Special Edition

Wearing a mask to be minimally  safe from droplet from others sneezes or coughs and also keep other safe from mine as well! Be socially responsible as a modern and conscious human being!