FG11707 Fabric


100% Polyester
High Rub count
Great Price and Quality


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Product Description

Quality Infab polyester fabric with a soft touch and a reasonably high quality rub count. Good for budget soft upholstery purposes for homes and light contract usage.

Brand Infab
Design FG11707 Fabric
Content 100% Polyester
Width 148 cm
Rub Test >60,000 cycles
Weight 220 gr/m2
Cleaning Dry Clean Only


Additional Information

Available Colors

FG11707-01, FG11707-02, FG11707-03, FG11707-04, FG11707-05, FG11707-06, FG11707-07, FG11707-08, FG11707-09, FG11707-10, FG11707-11, FG11707-12, FG11707-13, FG11707-14, FG11707-15, FG11707-16