FG66959 Fabric


Marbling Effect Design
Soft Touch
100% Polyester Fabric


  • FG66959-11
  • FG66959-1
  • FG66959-2
  • FG66959-3
  • FG66959-4
  • FG66959-5
  • FG66959-6
  • FG66959-7
  • FG66959-8
  • FG66959-9
  • FG66959-10
  • FG66959-12
  • FG66959-13
  • FG66959-14
  • FG66959-15
  • FG66959-16
  • FG66959-17
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Product Description

This model of Infab has a marbling effect. It’s patterned to model the veins of a marble stone. It is smooth to touch and laze on when made into your sofa. It simply feels like you are sitting on a soft plush toy, except its your sofa!

Brand Infab
Design FG66959 Fabric
Content 100% Polyester
Width 142 cm
Rub Test 30,000 cycles
Weight 390 gr/m2
Cleaning Dry Clean Only


Additional Information

Available Colors

FG66959-11, FG66959-1, FG66959-2, FG66959-3, FG66959-4, FG66959-5, FG66959-6, FG66959-7, FG66959-8, FG66959-9, FG66959-10, FG66959-12, FG66959-13, FG66959-14, FG66959-15, FG66959-16, FG66959-17