Total Defence Award 2018

National Service and Total Defence form the cornerstone of Singapore’s continued stability and prosperity. The support from businesses, employers and the wider community towards National Service and Total Defence is recognised through NS Mark.

This is a national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence. Danovel is proud to support the cause of national service for our national defence.

Total Defence Award 2018

Our company supports the achievements of our NSmen in the following areas:
– In Camp Training Support
– Gold Standard achievement in yearly IPPT proficiency tests
– NS Full Time achievements, appointments and testimonials
– Training for IPPT and RT Training

We believe national defence is crucial to our economic success and prosperity of our nation. Majulah Singapore.


Read more about NS Mark here.

Danovel Custom Sofa NS Mark Gold

NS Mark (Gold) 2019 Recipient – Danovel Pte Ltd