Danovel SFIC Sustainability Commitment

DANOVEL Commitment to SFIC Sustainability Framework


  • I have set aside time, effort and resources in my work plan to build my company’s capacity for EESG (economic, environmental, social and governance) sustainability.
  • I and the Sustainability Person(s)-in-Charge in my company commit to reading the self-help resources in the SFIC Member’s Resources Google Drive, focusing on the most suitable sustainability development stage for my company.
  • I and/or Sustainability Person(s)-in-Charge in my company will participate in SFIC’s sustainability programmes wherever relevant and possible.



  • I prioritise working with materials and suppliers that are accredited with sustainability-related certifications, particularly FSC and PEFC.
  • I have signed the Alliance for Action on Sustainable Spaces (AfA)’s Low Formaldehyde Commitment Statement and pledge to supply or adopt low or no formaldehyde products and solutions.
  • I keep a constant lookout for opportunities to use more sustainable plant-based materials more sustainable plant-based in my products and services.
  • I measure and set SMART targets to minimize my company’s waste generation and wood, water and other natural resource consumption.



  • My company condemns forced labour (including child labour) and does not engage with materials or suppliers that are involved in this practice.
  • My company promotes diversity and inclusivity in both our internal policies and products and services, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and disability.



  • My company has a clear sustainability governance structure, with specific individuals appointed to be responsible and/or accountable for individual aspects of the company’s sustainability efforts.
  • My company screens all suppliers with environmental and social criteria.


Director Danovel Pte Ltd