Management Team

Danovel Sofa owes its presence today to a strong management team and dedicated designers that make every effort to bring out the best quality and service to our clients.

We ensure that every sofa is handcrafted to perfection which will ultimately bring you the best comfort and value in your home setting.

Sandra Koh
Managing Director

Sandra is another key personnel in Danovel and is well established in the furniture market. It is through her management and control that Danovel’s local retail presence were planted and flourished. Up till today, Sandra is still involved in the management of the retail arm of the business and ensures that the retail forefront will present the best and latest furnishing Danovel can offer.


Marcus Y.Z Wong
Business Development Director

Marcus Wong joined the Danovel management team in 2007. Backed by his experience in a large local firm in Quality Management, he has led the company in a major branding campaign. As a result of the branding campaign, Danovel is now associated with premium sofa manufacturing in Singapore. He also introduced the Six Sigma processes, which have helped transform the company into one which is more efficient and manufactures better quality products. Danovel now exports internationally to various parts of the world. He is also the current (SFIC) Singapore Furniture Industries Council Assistant Honorary Treasurer.

Richard Wong
Technical Advisor

Technically trained in furniture production and manufacturing, Richard is the head of technical production. He frequently engages with Danovel furniture designers to produce new collections for the year. Equipped with experience, he harnesses different materials and methods of production to allow Danovel to constantly make furniture that is unique, aesthetically appealing and structurally sound.

Chris K
Executive Director

With a background in plant management and senior management in international firms, Chris K has been able to create a sound and stable management in Danovel. She currently serves as the Managing Director of Harvest Link International as well as of Siang Interiors. Under her guidance, Danovel is able to steer and position itself in a stable environment for growth and expansion.

Christina Chan
Senior Head Designer

With over 10 years of experience, Christina Chan leads the team of designers at Danovel to ensure that only the best design and service are rendered to her clients. Her expertise lies in interior decoration and styling, in particular, mixing fabric. She has helped transform many ordinary homes into astounding living areas furnished with handcrafted sofas from Danovel, amazing satisfied customers.