Sofa Cleaning Services by our Partner – De Hygienique

De Hygiénique

10% of all sofa cleaning services by our Danovel preferred cleaning partner De Hygienique.

De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning treatment is specially designed for sofa maintenance in Asia, where our climate is humid and warm. De Hygienique use pH7 products for sofa cleaning treatment to prevent colour discoloration. The low moisture shampoo quickens drying time by more than 75% compared to conventional sofa wet cleaning technique which helps to prevent fabric sofa from shrinking after the cleaning treatment. Quick drying time also reduces growth of microorganisms which thrive in warm and humid condition.

Effective cleaning result

De Hygienique’s sofa cleaning treatment effectively cleans and removes dirt from the sofa. De Hygienique is technically trained by international cleaning institutions and equipped with safe stain removal products to tackle different types of stains on sofa. Although there are some stains that cannot be removed as stains have integrated into the fabric or leather permanently, De Hygienique always strive to provide their best service to Danovel customers.

Almost No Drying Time

De Hygienique’s low moisture sofa cleaning treatment not only helps to prevent fabric from shrinking, customers also enjoy convenience as they don’t have to wait for many hours for the sofa to dry. A cleaned sofa set can be used almost immediately after cleaning treatment is completed. Note: Drying time varies depending on sofa conditions. 

They are located at:

53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-44 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934
Tel: +65 6749 1950