Danovel Delivery Charges

+ Delivery is free for all purchases above $500.

+ A standarddelivery charge of $70 applies for purchases below $500.

+ Delivery schedule are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday –  9:00am to 5:30pm
  • Saturday – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Special delivery schedule requested by customer would entail additional charges. For inquiries, please feel free to contact our customer service specialists.

Furniture Assembly / Disposal Services

+ Upon delivery, our team will assist in removing protective covering of the product, assemble if required, and assist you  we will unwrap the protective coverings and assist you to set your furniture in your home.

+ If you require assistance to dismantle existing furniture and to dispose it properly, additional charges will apply.

Please be guided by the following standard charges in dismantling or disposing existing furniture:

  • Armchair / Ottoman                            $80/unit
  • 2 Seater Sofa / Chaise Longue           $100/unit
  • 3-Seater Sofa                                          $120/unit
  • Bedframe / Mattresses                        $250/unit

Kindly inform your respective sales representative prior to the assigned delivery schedule to make special arrangements. This is to ensure we are able to fulfill your request as we will allocate space in the delivery vehicle for your disposed item. Request to dispose item on the same day will not be accommodated as it can affect the schedule of deliveries for other customers.

Acceptance of Goods

+ Upon delivery and assembly of our products, our team will do a complete inspection to ensure that the goods are  in perfect condition.

+ Upon receiving the order, we strongly recommend that the customer checks and inspects the item. Any defects found at this point should be raised to the delivery team or the sales representative.

+ If the order has been properly inspected and accepted the order, the customer acknowledges that the order has been delivered in perfect condition. The customer also accepts the terms that the order cannot subsequently be returned on the basis of defects after it has been properly turned over.

+ All goods belong to the property of Danovel Pte Ltd unless payment has been completely settled. We reserve all rights to recover the ordered items should the title of the goods have not be transferred to the customer due to incomplete payment.

+ Rectification of goods is done at the agreement between the customer and Danovel Pte Ltd upon the full payment of the goods delivered, however not in the satisfaction of the customer.

Non-deliverance of Goods

+ All non-deliverance/failed delivery due to customer lapses will be subjected to a re-delivery fee of $70. Factors that constitute non-deliverance are as follows:

  • Customer or any authorized representative is not present to receive the order during agreed scheduled delivery
  • Provided the wrong contact details and address
  • Unable to access private property or refused entry by property security personnel
  • Unable to fit product into service elevators

Elevator Access

+ Customer must inform the company prior to the delivery schedule if there residence/ property has no lift access in order for the delivery team to prepare. Additional charges may apply using the staircase.

+ Customer must provide our sales representative the maximum weight limit and dimensions of the service elevator/ passenger lift in his/ her property. A Danovel representative will recommend if the desired dimensions of the product would be able to fit into the service elevator/ passenger lift available at the customer’s premises. It is best to consult our staff regarding this matter before purchasing the product.

+ If the elevator cannot be accessed, a surcharge of $10 per floor applies provided that the staircase has sufficient space to allow our team to manually and to safely transport the furniture to the customer’s premises.

Delivery Delays

+ Danovel Pte Ltd reserves the right to re-schedule the delivery under unforeseen circumstances. Our company will immediately coordinate with the customer to provide an agreed rescheduled date of delivery.

+ Danovel Pte Ltd shall not be liable for any consequences of the delayed delivery as there may be delays in customs clearance of imported fabrics overseas. Rest assured, the sales representative will provide updates with regards to delivery schedule from time to time.

+ Kindly emphasize to our sales representative if there is a specific delivery date that has to be met. Given that our company will be provided sufficient time to produce furniture, we will do our best to fulfill your order to meet your delivery deadline.

+ We take pride in our products as most or all of it are locally handcrafted. In preserving the excellence of quality assurance, we take our time in sourcing the best raw materials and to produce each item.

+ Always to remember to order your furniture ahead of time before any upcoming festive seasons to avoid delivery delays.

+ Delivery is at best effort basis.