Sustainability at Danovel

Here at DanovelTM we are playing our part to be environmental friendly and sustainable in our production practices of custom sofas and furniture. As we’ve become more mindful of our planet, it doesn’t take much effort to have a positive impact on caring for the environment.


With a belief in human-centric furniture, Danovel’s customise furniture is also designed with the intention of minimising wastage and mitigate damage to the environment with our own effort taken in place. 

Quality Custom Made-To-Order Sofa

When we build sofas at Danovel, we built them to last from generations to generations. It is not a product that we sell, but a sofa that speaks to each home at every stage of their lives. We also always encourage our clients to get furniture not based on the aesthetics only but rather on the quality and core values of the company. The goal is to conserve, not to contribute to our local Semakau landfill. Well made furniture is a long term investment that pays off as it doesn’t have to be replaced again and again, which help reduce your costs and prevent excess stock / material that would normally go to waste. 

Re-upholstery of Sofa

Product sustainability extends beyond a product’s framework, but also to its upholstery. Reupholstery work involves ripping off the upholstery of a sofa or armchair and replace them with a new fabrics or fillings which give them a new life. When we reupholster sofas at DanovelTM, not only we just change the covers but we make sure the internal of the sofa is sturdy enough to further extend the life of the piece and in the end reducing the environmental impact.


Shop Responsibly, and Buy Better 

Every product we buy has an environmental footprint and we could be more conscious about what we buy. Living a less consumerism lifestyle is the goal. Even if you have the means to, and you want to buy new things, then invest in better quality product. Although they may cost more upfront, but they will prove valuable in the long run. Besides, opt for repair services rather than replacing a new ones. With a focus on great craftsmanship and durability, our furniture pieces are designed to stand the test of time that allow our clients to avoid waste and keeping the furniture in use for as long as possible. The longer a sofa lasts, the greener it is. 

Handcrafted Locally

By minimizing the steps in the supply chain, combined with keeping production locally, and deliver directly to customer, we are able to significantly reduce the shipping emissions and control on the quality of each piece of the furniture with materials that are sourced locally. Besides, in supporting the local economy and injecting a dose of unique local flavour that is sure to be more personable and authentic. 


Sustainably Sourced Materials

Opt and ask for Green adhesives during your sofa production. We provide the option of using 3M™ Fast Tack Water Based Adhesive 1000NF adhesives. It is polychloroprene-free, and has zero VOCs (per EPA test method 24). Our plywood are also responsible source form Indonesia, a premium hardwood plywood that is strong, durable, and beautiful. The stain-resistant fabric we carry is using the latest advancements in textile engineering, which we can agree the fact that they’ve been thoughtfully produce for their durability too.

Eco-friendly Fabrics

In addition to nearly anything you could need for your home, Danovel also carry a selection of environmentally friendly fabrics. Whether you’re looking for a sectional, sofa or armchair, you can assured knowing that Danovel has the right type of seating just for any clients. 

Manufactured entirely from recycled materials, Clarke & Clarke Eco Sustainable Weaves speaks to both the style and environmentally-conscious, with designs ranging from classic herringbone patterning to fresh geometrics made from 100% Recycled Polyester.

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Aquaclean fabrics are scratch proof and stain resistant, so without doubt they are designed to last. And also because Aquaclean Technology® is a product that is Made in Green® certified – a seal that guarantees that no harmful substances are used in the fabric or the manufacturing process for this product. It’s 100% eco-friendly and also does not contain PFCs which is a harmful substance to the human body as well as the environment.

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Green Manufacturing


An average sofa contain a lot of different materials and by using the latest technology such as the fabric cutting digital CNC machine, it allow us to digitally map out the most efficient use of the fabric thus reducing the wastage. Our sofas are also handcrafted by our skilled craftsman as such (less reliance on machinery = less energy consumption). Both of our showrooms are also using Google Assisted WIFI switches to control the timing of the lightings so that it is automatically stopped supplying power in non-working hours, in return bring cost-savings through decreased utility bills and wastage.


Even though shrink wrap became the most commonly used form of protective packaging and sealing for furniture, it can be rather damaging to the environment with it being made from plastic materials that are non biodegradable. Luckily, DanovelTM  is the first few in Singapore furniture maker to use re-suable packaging to pack the furniture. We custom made special bags to reduce emissions (more product per truck). By using these we have reduced our shrink wrap consumption by 30%. It is a higher cost in producing these bags, however it will cause less damage to the environment.

Reusable components

[Fabric Off Cuts] 

A lot of waste will be generated during the process of manufacturing the furniture. While being a small bespoke sofa manufacturer, we try to minimise wastage as much as we can. Off cuts from fabrics are accumulated and stored in the up-cycling box so that the scrap fabrics can be used as rags for cleaning.

[Fabric Cardboard Cores]

We accumulate the cardboard cores (box that hold bales of fabrics together) and they are being collected weekly by a recycling uncle who takes it to sell at a small profit. Not only it supports the lower wage worker but also prioritising eco-friendliness and sustainability as a key part of work life. 

[Large Rament fabrics]

In the even we have leftover fabrics, these fabrics are then made into beautiful cushions. We are also looking at the near future to conduct live sales of these limited pieces as well as probably a bi-yearly fabric clearance sale so that these beautiful fabrics are not being thrown away but being upcycle for a better purposes. 

Sustainability is for our future. Here at Danovel.