Allenson Sofa


– Rectangular design upholstered with premium fabric
– Ample seat space for the family
– Stainless steel leg

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Product Description

Crafted for the modern home, the Allenson sofa is a new take on the contemporary minimalist style and character. Featuring wide sofa arms with mid-frame back, it is upholstered nicely with premium, textured fabric backed by flat wooden legs. It is topped with plush back cushions for that laid-back comfort we all love. Its seat cushions make use of a medium-firm foam that provides a balanced level of support while you relax and lounge.

4.5-Seater Model(Modular Type Sofa)
W 368cm/144.8”  x  D 105cm/41.3”  x  H 80cm/31.4”(28) download

Kapor Klin Dried Hardwood BBCC Quality
Meets British standards for contract durability BS15373 Level 2 and BS EN10
German Z-Springs for Durability and Comfort
High Density 36kg/m³ Non-Sag Polyurethane Foam

5 Year Limited Warranty on Danovel™ Frame Construction.
Danovel Quality Assurance

Local Manufacturer:
This custom made sofa is individually crafted and will be available within 4 to 5 weeks upon order.

* Danovel Feather Sandwich™ is a special seating comfort option comprising of a combination of duck down feathers wrapped around a core of high quality foam.
If the dimensions are not what you like, you may work with our designer in our stores to custom make your sofa to your desired size too. After all, we are the manufacturers.

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XL 4 Seater

Fabric Selections

Basic Fabric, Acacia Fabric, Aquaclean Fabric