Natura Leather


Natura is colour consistent pigmented leather with stylish colours to compliment any interior.
Natura Leather

Model: Natura
Size: ca. 4.50 m² /48ft²
Thickness: ca. 1.2 mm
Weight: 0.065 kg/sqft


  • Natura N-169
  • Natura N-695
  • Natura N-691
  • Natura N-692
  • Natura N-500
  • Natura N-Lake
  • Natura N-661
  • Natura N-678
  • Natura N-668
  • Natura N-669
  • Natura N-683
  • Natura N-2012
  • Natura N-Mustard
  • Natura N-693
  • Natura N-2020
  • Natura N-666
  • Natura N-665
  • Natura N-6216
  • Natura N-Blue
  • Natura N-600
  • Natura N-2900
  • Natura N-696
  • Natura N-610
  • Natura N-685
  • Natura N-118
  • Natura N-670
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Product Description

Natura is a great value all purpose leather for upholstery and wall panelling. It is well liked for its soft texture and corrected grain outlook. Natura is colour consistent pigmented leather with stylish colours to compliment any interior.Wide choice of colours for you to choose from too.

Luxury leather at a price everyone can afford.
Expect natural characteristics which proves the authenticity of this genuine leather.

Model: Natura
Size: ca. 4.50 m² /48ft²
Thickness: ca. 1.2 mm
Weight: 0.065 kg/sqft
Corrected, Pigmented Cow Leather

Fire Retardant:
Passes – Schedule 4-Part 1 Cigarette Test
Passes – Schedule 5-Part 1 Butana Flame (ignition source 1)

Flexing Endurance:
(Dry) – 30,000, (Wet) – 20,000

Breaking Strength:
DIN 53 328 – 217.63 N

Tear Strength:
74.20 N

Product from Argentina.
Leather is sold by square feet and is subjected to a minimum of 1 hide.
 Each hide size for this model is 48 sqft.
Colors of our leather range may vary depending on the device used for visualization (LCD, Mobile, tablet).

Additional Information

Leather Color

Natura N-169, Natura N-695, Natura N-691, Natura N-692, Natura N-500, Natura N-Lake, Natura N-661, Natura N-678, Natura N-668, Natura N-669, Natura N-683, Natura N-2012, Natura N-Mustard, Natura N-693, Natura N-2020, Natura N-666, Natura N-665, Natura N-6216, Natura N-Blue, Natura N-600, Natura N-2900, Natura N-696, Natura N-610, Natura N-685, Natura N-118, Natura N-670