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Posted on December 18, 2021

It was the year of 1960. Mr Koh Khee Khim, who doesn’t had any knowledge of making sofa, started one of the most oldest furniture company of Singapore. At that time period, there was not much job opportunity in Singapore and he only knew how to make mattresses. One day, a friend of him asked to learn how to make sofa. Afterward he learnt how to be a sofa maker by being an apprentice and that was the beginning. After that 60 years have been passed and still far to go. Perfection, quality, service, and excellence are the first words that come to mind when you hear the name of Danovel Company. Undoubtedly, this is a great achievement and it is the result of their efforts for the last 60 years.

Danovel is one of the most finest sofa maker now a day at Singapore. It’s a royal brand and customer satisfaction is the main focus of this company. They do not produce a huge quantity of sofas but every piece they make is customized for their client and unique from other. That’s why Danovel is extraordinary among the other companies. They use the latest technologies for production. In fact, Danovel is the first upholstery company to have a laser machine and a fabric cutting machine for production but still use handcraft, manual work labor to assemble, to polish up of fine tune the whole sofa. They believe that machines can’t replace the years of experience from a craftsmen.

Danovel is a heritage furniture brand proudly based in Singapore. They are currently one of the fastest-growing companies in Singapore. They are simultaneously manufacturers, designers, and retailers. Not only they made furnitures of wood, but they also make furniture of acrylic, fiberglass, natural latex, steel, etc. materials. Ministry of Defense, Subordinate courts, National University of Singapore, National Technological University, Australian Embassy, British Embassy, South African High Commission, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, DBS Bank, City Developments, The Tanglin Club, City Developments, Domer Park, Amber Numerous other reputable organizations including Gardens, Sky @ Eleven are their valued clients. And there is no doubt that they will go a long way.

We speak with the grandson (Marcus – Director at Danovel) and grandma (MDM Eu Meow Cheng -Founder of Denovel), a three generation long family of sofa-makers to know about their company history and also to learn more about what makes a great sofa. Here are some highlighted part given below:

Interview with our founder Eu Meow Cheng

Eu Meow Cheng: Do you know how old am I?
Marcus: Ninety years old?
Eu Meow Cheng: Ninety One. When your grandpa (Mr Koh Khee Khim – Marcus Grandfather) started this business, he knew nothing about sofa making. He only knew how to make mattresses. A friend of him asked to learn how to make sofa. That was how the business started.
Marcus: Then why did you get into this business with grandpa?
Eu Meow Cheng: Your grandpa was a very hands-on man. And for myself, I only know how to work. The fabric cutting and sewing were all done by me.
Marcus: You did everything by yourself?
Eu Meow Cheng: Ya I did everything.
Marcus: Who taught you how to do it?
Eu Meow Cheng: I watched and learnt it by myself. We always use good materials for our sofas. In the past, coconut husks were more commonly used.
Marcus: Oh so in the past they always use coconut husks?
Eu Meow Cheng: Ya that’s what they used. They don’t use high quality foam in the past. We taught of using high quality foam and tested it out. It makes the sofa pretty and comfortable.
Marcus: So it’s comfortable and soft?
Eu Meow Cheng: Yes.
Marcus: So the high quality foam is the norm now?
Eu Meow Cheng: Yes.
Marcus: Do you think we can become a hundred-year-old business in Singapore?
Eu Meow Cheng: I think we should be able to. If you have the passion to do it you should continue doing it. Keep this going and pass it on to the next generation.

In life, it’s not just about growing your business making money, chasing success or fame. I mean, Made With Passion is something for the individual itself. Being part of Made With Passion is actually a very honorable title given to our company as we are able to share with our customer that our sofas are make with pride. And the effort and time we put into making a sofa is being recognized. We also offer our customers a visit to our factory to understand the whole process of sofa making, when they purchase a sofa from us. Therefore, it’s not just buying a product off the shelf, it’s actually buying an experience, buying a trip to understand how furnitures are being make locally in Singapore.

View the interview feature here: https://fb.watch/9iVpR58rav/

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